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T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery

Hoodie with T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery

At Epichouse T-Shirt Printing, we do more than just t-shirt printing on regular cotton t-shirts. We offer the widest range of t-shirt styles and designs for our customers to choose from whilst giving them the ability to decide what type of printing and customisation they will need. We offer every type of t-shirt printing methods that is known to this printing industry to achieve any sort of effect our customer wishes to put on their t-shirts.

The basic types of t-shirt printing methods are Silk-screen Printing, Digital Heat Transfer, Vinyl Jersey Printing, and Embroidery. The above print was done by one of our prestige client to embroider their corporate logo in Silver finishing on to our American Cotton Zip Hoodie. Apart from these basic forms of t-shirt printing, we also provide more complex methods of t-shirt printing like All-Over-Prints using Silk-screen or Dye Sublimation, Reflective Prints using Glitter inks, Embossed Printing and more.

More importantly, we offer full customisation of the apparel for customers that require more than just t-shirt printing. Operating our own fabric sewing factory based in Singapore, we are able to cut, print and sew an entire t-shirt out from scratch. Giving our customers the ability to create, customise, and print anything that comes to their minds. Our fabric stocks includes the common materials used in this t-shirt printing industry like 100% Cotton, Tetron Cotton, Dri-fit (Mesh), Dri-fit (Eyelet), Honeycomb Cotton and much more!

For starters, please check out our Online T-Shirt Printing Catalogue to see the wide range of ready stock t-shirts and polo t-shirts that we provide for printing. If you are unable to pick what you need from our catalogue, feel free to reach us at +65 6753 1040 or send your queries via our T-Shirt Printing Quotation Form and our t-shirt printing experts will get back to you within the day!


Cheap T-Shirt Printing Services

An example of cheaper t-shirt printing techniques

Ever wondered why it is so expensive to get your t-shirt printing services done in Singapore? Well, it is mostly because t-shirt printing particularly Silk-screen Printing is very quantity and t-shirt design sensitive. If your t-shirt order quantity is very low, it is difficult to offset the high setup costs for Silk-screen Printing and this is made especially worse when your t-shirt design consists of gradients and fadings.

At Epichouse T-Shirt Printing, we have mastered special techniques to convert full colour raster images to spot colour t-shirt printing capable designs which offers an affordable alternative for your t-shirt printing orders. As what you can see above, we manage to reduce the t-shirt printing costs by more than 20% when we convert the client's artwork to a 4 colour Silk-screen Print design instead of a full colour Digital Heat Transfer. At Epichouse, we offer Cheap T-Shirt Printing services at it's best!

Specialty T-Shirt Printing

Multiple Colours T-Shirt Printing

Looking for unique t-shirt printing services for your print order?

Epichouse Printing offers the best variety of t-shirt printing methods for all your class t-shirts or corporate apparels! The photo above is a real-life shot of our Glitter Gold and Glitter Silver Silk-screen Printing for one of our customers from National University of Singapore for their dance t-shirt. And this is exactly how gleaming our glitter silk-screen printing actually look. There's absolutely #nofilter!

In addition to our Glitter Silk-screen Printing, we also offer other interesting methods of t-shirt printing like Foil Silk-screen Printing, Emboss Silk-screen Printing, Neon Colours, and much more. See all types of t-shirt printing methods we offer!

For more photo samples of our past t-shirt printing orders, check out our T-Shirt Projects page. Or feel free drop by our spanking new T-Shirt Printing Gallery at Woodlands 11!


T-Shirt Printing Up To 10 Colours

Multiple Colours T-Shirt PrintingAt Epichouse T-Shirt Printing, we challenge ourselves to print our t-shirts in the most unique ways possible. While some t-shirt printing companies might call it impossible, but with our experienced t-shirt printers as well as our sophisticated t-shirt printing equipment, we are able to print up to 10 colours using the very vibrant yet ultra-durable silk-screen printing!

In addition, with our colour-reduction pricing scheme, we ensure that our t-shirt printing services are kept minimally cheap and affordable even when you decide print multiple colours for your t-shirt printing order. That is how we strive to print the best looking t-shirt for our customers!

So what are you waiting for? Send us an enquiry using our Online T-Shirt Printing Quotation Form and our t-shirt printing sales team will give you a quote within the day! Else, feel free to call us at +65 6753 1040 to get an instant printing quote now.


Diverse T-Shirt Printing Methods

If you are looking for the best t-shirt printing company in Singapore, look no further. Epichouse T-Shirt Printing is just the company you need to cater to all your printing services! Being in the t-shirt printing industry for more than 10 years, we are an experienced t-shirt printer with a vast range of printing equipment that allows us to find the best t-shirt printing method for your most intricate designs since 2008!

From the very durable industry-standard t-shirt silk-screen printing, professional-looking corporate t-shirt embroidery, to the awesome looking full-colour digital heat transfer printing, you will be sure that we will be able to match the right t-shirt printing method to bring across your intended message with your print design.

In addition, you will be able to choose from the widest range of t-shirt styles to suit your t-shirt printing order. Choose from different materials like 100% cotton, honeycomb or interlock cotton, to mesh pique dri-fit and smooth dri-fit. And choose from different cutting and styles like round neck t-shirt, polo collared t-shirt, mandarin collared t-shirt, pullovers and hoodies. We carry more than 7 different brands of blank t-shirt styles so that you will be able to find that ideal blank t-shirt for your t-shirt printing needs! Check out our new Online T-Shirt Printing Catalogue now.


Interactive T-Shirt Printing Catalogue

As Epichouse T-Shirt Printing expands our operations in Singapore, our t-shirt printing catalogue is also growing extensively throughout the years in this industry. As of now, we carry more than 10 different apparel brands under our distribution wing to cater to your every printing needs. In order to showcase our t-shirt designs and styles better, we have now launched an Interactive T-Shirt Printing Catalogue that will allow you to sort through the different cutting, material as well as t-shirt printing methods! Have a try at our all-new Interactive T-Shirt Printing Catalogue!

Interactive T-Shirt Printing Catalogue

In addition, once you have found your ideal t-shirt for printing, just click "Get A Quote Now!" and you will be able to get your t-shirt printing quotation in no time. If you require immediate assistance while browsing our new catalogue page, do feel free to chat with our friendly live chat operators or call us directly at +65 6753 1040!

Epichouse T-Shirt Printing has expanded!

As we strive to serve you better, Epichouse T-Shirt Printing has moved to a larger premises. Our showrooms and offices are now thrice as large as before as we seek to break boundaries in our t-shirt printing industry. Since 2008, we have been the market leader in Singapore's t-shirt printing industry and we are not planning to slow down any time soon. As we continuously improve our quality of prints while keeping our printing prices low, our customers are confident to leave their t-shirt printing woes with us.

What are you waiting for? Do drop by our spanking-new fancy showroom right around Admiralty MRT Station. For more contact and location information, please visit Epichouse T-Shirt Printing Location.

T-Shirt Printing with Multiple Colours

T-Shirt Printing using Silk-screen PrintingWhen we are talking about t-shirt printing, one is always worried about being charged ridiculous prices when printing using the silk-screen printing method in small quantities yet having multiple print colours. Well, you can be rest assured when you're printing with us. Yes, of course t-shirt printing prices do vary according to the quantity and the number of colours; But please do not compromise on design and the overall look of your print just for the dollars and cents. We want you to have your very own design, unedited, unchanged, printed on a t-shirt as much as possible.

If you are worried that the printing charges will be out of your budget, please talk to one of our friendly sales staff first and we will advise you as accordingly. After all, as our t-shirt printing prices are so low, your printed design may just fit your budget nicely. If the t-shirt printing prices are not within your budget, our sales staff will advise and recommend you various methods that you can actually lower the overall printing price, many of these without tweaking the designs. For example, going for round neck t-shirts instead of polo t-shirts when there is no need to will reduce the overall printing price drastically.

Just feel free to call us at +65 6753 1040 and our friendly sales staff will give you an immediate quote, advising you on ways to fit your budget wisely. Else, you may like to email us at enquiry@epichouse.sg. You may also use the automated t-shirt printing quotation form to send a quotation request to us directly!

Experienced T-Shirt Printers

Digital Transfer T-Shirt PrintingEver been told that Digital Transfer T-Shirt Printing is terrible, not good for durability, bad for color print vibrancy? Epichouse T-Shirt Printing begs to differ! Being highly experienced t-shirt printers in this market (over 10 years of printing experience, mind you!), we know the ins and outs to t-shirt printing! With the increasing demand of full coloured t-shirt printing, Digital Transfer Printing has actually become one of the most fanciful way of printing your t-shirts. Our customers are no longer bounded by the high set up costs with Silk-screen Printing, not bounded by color restrictions, and more.

However, it is not a perfect t-shirt printing method too. It has it's disadvantages when it comes to bulk, high quantity, t-shirt printing orders! As Digital Transfer Printing is not exactly quantity-sensitive, t-shirt printing costs does not go much lower when we are printing in bulk, as compared to Silk-screen Printing.

To know about our different methods of t-shirt printing, please check out our T-Shirt Printing Services page now!


T-Shirt Printing and now much more!

Not just t-shirt printing!So it seems this t-shirt printing portal of ours has not been updated lately. Well, radical changes are coming. Epichouse T-Shirt Printing is going big, yes you heard right, we're going big. Through the years, we have diversified our services to not just t-shirt printing, but we are also jumping on to other relevant services that you have asked us to provide.

We heard you! Epichouse T-Shirt Printing has since tied up with printBanner Singapore to provide affordable banner printing services, and printLanyard Singapore to provide the most comprehensive lanyard solution for our customers.

In addition, our new web portal is currently being developed by our IT department to provide our customers with a new way of printing their t-shirts! Our new web portal should be up some time in early 2015 so please be patient!

We do not want to divulge too much, this is all for now. It's the festive season so do enjoy yourself while you can before the new year starts! Merry Christmas and have a very happy new year!


Epichouse T-Shirt Printing wishes you a Happy Horse Year 2014

Epichouse T-Shirt Printing wishes all our customers a very happy lunar new year, and may you strike gold this year! We will continue to strive to become the best t-shirt printing company in Singapore.

Epichouse T-Shirt Printing will be closed from the 31st of January to the 4th of February. Our t-shirt printing office will reopen on the 6th day of the lunar new year, 5th of February 2014.

For more information, please do not hesitate to call our t-shirt printing hotline at +65 6753 1040 or email us at enquiry@epichouse.sg. Our staff will do their utmost to meet all of your requirements and get you that perfectly printed t-shirt!

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