T-Shirt Printing Singapore | Epichouse Printing offers cheap t-shirt printing and corporate gifts for all your class t-shirts, corporate apparels and event t-shirt needs!

What is Epichouse T-shirt Printing?

About Us

So you are wondering what is Epichouse T-shirt Printing really all about. Epichouse T-shirt Printing is simply a t-shirt printing company that caters largely for Educational Instituitions and commercial businesses of Singapore. Epichouse T-shirt Printing offers a wide array of apparels that includes round-neck t-shirts, collar t-shirt (Polo Tee), popular brands of jerseys, dri-fit t-shirts, and jackets. Epichouse T-shirt Printing also supply all range of corporate gifts to its customers, such as cap, towel, windbreaker, vest, apron and etc.

Founded in the year 2008, Epichouse T-shirt Printing aims to become a leader in apparel print and design service provider in Singapore. Founded by a graphic illustrator, the founder himself believes that committed employees provide the finest services and stardards for its customers.

Most of our orders are class t-shirts, class jerseys, and cca t-shirts from schools and company apparels etc. So if you are looking to print for your class or cca/clubs, you've came to the right place!

Epichouse offers one of the widest range of t-shirts and apparels for printing so as to meet your every requirements. We also carry other brands' apparel just so you can have a better selection of t-shirts and apparels for you to choose from. To check out our online t-shirts for printing catalogue, please go to our t-shirts for printing catalogue.

Being in the tshirt printing industry for so long, we have mastered a wide range of methods for your t-shirt printing. We are one of the few tshirt printing companies in Singapore that carry almost all the different methods of t-shirt printing for your liking, requirements or price range. Check out our various t-shirt printing methods to have a better idea of which method suits you more. If you are not sure of which t-shirt printing method suits you best, feel free to call our hotline at 9656 7157 and we will recommend the best method for you.

When you are printing with Epichouse T-shirt Printer, you can be rest assured that your t-shirt printing order will be of great quality and at an affordable price. Hestitate no more and contact Epichouse T-shirt Printing Hotlines or Email now!

Why Epic?

Print Your Tshirt @ Epichouse!The definition of Epic [ep-ik], is also written as heroic; majestic; impressively great. At Epichouse T-shirt Printer, we believe that fine services will lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. We want our productions to be of epic proportions, with t-shirts and apparels that will greatly impress.

Even when you are having a plain t-shirt printing design, we will always try to help out by providing you with FREE t-shirt printing designing services for you and you can be assured that your t-shirt printing order will be of epic proportions. For the free t-shirt printing designing services, please get in touch with one of our t-shirt printing staff.

Epichouse also provides specialty printing so that your awesome t-shirt printing designs will look even better in Glitter prints, Emboss prints and many more. We always aim to provide you with the best, most awesome-looking t-shirt printing order.

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