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T-Shirt Projects

From time to time, our in-house designers will pick a few epic t-shirt designs to showcase on our t-shirt printing portal! Welcome to our t-shirt projects page where you will find the best designs printed of all time. Some of these awesome t-shirt printed designs may even come from companies and brand names and you and I all know of! At Epichouse T-Shirt Printing, we focus on quality of prints and service. Hence, our t-shirt printing clientele are as wide as you can imagine. We have printed for the biggest labels in the clothing industry, to popular names in the magazine spread. Here are just some few of those for you to check out!

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Forever 21 Yellow Tag Deals T-Shirt

Forever 21 Yellow Tag Deals T-ShirtEpichouse T-Shirt Printer has been the appointed printer for Forever 21 promotional events since way back. The first few t-shirt printing orders that we had printed for them was for the opening of F21 Orchard Xchange back in 2011. And as more promotions came about, we had to print more advert t-shirts for each of the events. What we have here are the promotional t-shirt designs for F21 Yellow Tag Deals that was just over. Hope you had your fair share of shopping during this F21 sale!

Wavehouse Sentosa Flow Jam 2012 T-Shirt

Wavehouse Sentosa Flow Jam 2012 T-ShirtThe annual Wavehouse Sentosa Flow Jam is just over! As usual, the t-shirts are printed by Epichouse T-Shirt Printer using nothing but the best quality of print and t-shirt material. Epichouse T-Shirt Printer is the appointed t-shirt printer for Wavehouse Sentosa Flow Jam since 2010. Looking forward to Flow Jam 2013 when the waves hit us again next year!

Cleo Magazine Bachelors Event T-Shirt

Cleo Magazine Bachelors Event T-ShirtCleo magazine and HTC organized their very special CLEO 50 MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELORS event and guess who are the printers for the t-shirts? And girls, do look out for the hunks showcase in their magazine spread. A winner has been crowned, and you sure do not want to miss him! Epichouse T-Shirt Printer is the appointed t-shirt printer for CLEO Magazine Singapore for their promotional t-shirts and such. In addition to that, do look out for their next promotion on CLEO Magazine as Epichouse T-Shirt Printing is the official sponsor of the upcoming Teenage Magazine Favourite Teacher of the Year Award 2012!