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Digital Printing

Digital T-Shirt Printing

Digital Printing is one of the best t-shirt printing method for your full coloured artworks and designs. It is one of the few printing method that allows gradients and shadings to be printed on your t-shirt. If you are looking to print a full coloured artwork, this is the t-shirt printing method you should go for. This printing method is less quantity-sensitive, unlike silk-screen. This makes it cheaper for you to print in lower quantities! Our Digital Printing has also a soft feel on touch as we use only the best digital printing material for our t-shirt printing orders. Using Digital Printing material direct from USA, you can be assured that your t-shirt prints will look just as good!


T-Shirt Printing Method To Be Used When

  • Full coloured printing is required. (E.g. Gradients and shadings)
  • Quantity is too low for Silk-Screen Printing, Decal Printing is the best recommended method for printing.

T-Shirt Printing Method Not To Be Used When

  • Large quantity of print is required, this printing method may not be price-competitive.